The Challenge:

As the Application Development and Support (ADS) team, part of a Department of Energy (DOE) office, continued to detach itself from the New Development and Operations and Maintenance (O&M) teams, the need for a user-friendly map arose. With their focus directed toward the transition, Edgewater seized the opportunity to provide the client with a modernized DOE Covered Solutions database that exceeded expectations. 

The Solution:

As part of the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program, the customer wanted an interactive map to allow users to locate DOE Covered Facilities. An initial solution was developed using the available platform, but during acceptance testing, the team discovered that the move from the old web-based solution to this platform would likely negatively impact the user experience. The client was hesitant to ask for a rewrite using a different approach, but their desired experience could not be achieved using the existing platform. 

With the initial project just days away from launch, the Edgewater development team worked closely with stakeholders to adjust the scope of the proposal to better satisfy the customer’s requests. The new solutions involved creating a website that featured the new interactive, filterable map, while also keeping all the features that were well-liked in the old application.  

By separating the project from the ‘expected’ toolset, managing expectations, and providing multiple demo-sessions to users (many external to DOE), the team was able to deliver the optimal solution to conquer the challenge. 

The Outcome:

The modernized database provides a one-stop shop for all things DOE Covered Facilities. Admins no longer have to use a separate site and credentials to create or update a new facility. The new application provides them with an admin portal within the same site, allowing them to manage and use the content all from one place. The delivered solution provides an excellent experience for users in all roles, and the customer is extremely pleased with the outcome. 

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