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Today’s technology moves fast while enterprises traditionally don’t.  Enterprise organizations that optimize their business processes and information technology resources are more likely to maximize their mission effectiveness.  The IT Roadmap is critical to operational efficiency and business success.

This takes strategy and expertise- and Edgewater offers both.

Edgewater focuses on the alignment of the business and technology needs of our clients in order to improve performance, preserve investments and deliver on modernization and digital transformation needs.  We use well-defined IT management and governance processes to partner with our clients to achieve value and reinforce industry best practices.

We have capabilities across the Enterprise IT ecosystem to help your organization achieve your mission.  We can assist with an assessment of your current capabilities or step right in and deliver operational management and oversight to your existing team while creating a roadmap to the future.

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From Halted to High-Speed: Edgewater’s Rapid Response to PIV Card Challenges

Edgewater supports an independent energy agency that helps customers to obtain secure, reliable, and reasonably priced energy. The organization’s goals are to ensure reasonable energy rates, and safe and reliable infrastructure. When connectivity issues arise, work staggers to a halt, leaving projects in limbo.

“AMERICA” App Enhances CFO Reporting

With scores of DOE reporting organizations submitting separate spreadsheets to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), there were hundreds of risks and controls. While the process was meeting Federal requirements, the system was inefficient and clumsy.

Capitalizing on Cloud for Cost-Savings

As part of a cost-saving effort, the Department of Energy (DOE) decided to close all onsite data centers and transfer that information to the cloud. This challenge was daunting, as these systems impact over 14,000 DOE employees and contractors, as well as the supporting databases and interface partners. 

Network Re-Design and Engineering Improves Security, Reliability and Efficiency

A federal government field office required a more advanced and supportable network that would allow federal employees and contractors located at the main field office and remote locations to have access to all supported network and desktop functions, no matter where they were located. The challenge required Edgewater to implement cost-effective solutions that consolidated licensing, improved performance and security, and expanded and standardized technology for all users.

Seamless Migration to Government-Wide Travel System

The Federal Government, specifically the General Services Administration (GSA) mandated the use of a Government-Wide Travel System to implement a standardized/ effective travel system for all agencies to use that complied with all Federal Government travel policies and promoted online travel efficiencies. Edgewater was tasked to assist the Department of Energy (DOE) with their migration of its existing enterprise travel system to the latest E-Government Travel System (ETS).

Leadership and Collaboration Improve System Performance

Edgewater’s federal client was faced with infrastructure technology that was not meeting business demand, was causing unproductive downtime for users and missed deadlines for critical deliverables. The infrastructure issue also impeded progress of several development/ modernization projects, resulting is missed “go live” schedules. In addition, with many stakeholders and 3rd parties effected, the client was having trouble managing operations to achieve the desired results.

Edgewater’s Department of Energy Contractor Managed and Operated Facility Team Provides Solution to Meet COVID-19 Remote Work Demand

Due to the severity of COVID-19, Edgewater’s Department of Energy Contractor Managed and Operated Facility client was forced to mandate off-site remote work for the near 800 resources where most of the workforce worked primarily at the field office location and were not set-up to access systems remotely

Why Edgewater

Federal Expertise

Our success is based on deep institutional knowledge of federal entities. Working under a broad range of contract vehicles, we’ve successfully secured three-letter agencies again and again.

Innovative Approach

We stay on the leading edge of technology so that we can deliver top-of-the-line solutions that best meet client needs. We hold certifications in the latest versions of nearly all common federal technologies.

Industry-Leading Team

Our team is the best in the industry because we prioritize our people. The majority of our team members have advanced certifications in their specialties.

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