Tomorrow’s Threats Demand Today’s Innovation 

Our experts deploy tactics and drive strategies that build resiliency, enhance defenses, and mitigate issues… always staying ten steps ahead of the attackers. 

In today’s world, strong cybersecurity is critical for everyday operations and continually growing needs. Sophisticated attackers are everywhere, and combating their increasing array of threats can be complex. That is why at Edgewater, cybersecurity is not an afterthought – but rather a proactive defense system. Our Cyber Center of Excellence, represented by industry experts with in-depth cyber knowledge and advanced technologies, protects some of the nation’s most critical and complex networks.     

Edgewater understands that there is no single static or magic solution for ensuring the safety and security of your cloud, network, or systems. We provide solutions specific to your needs. 

Our Services:

Security Engineering and Architecture

Zero Trust Architecture

Intrusion Detection / Prevention Systems

Assessment of Cloud Products and Services

Cyber Defense

SOC – on-site, remote, or hybrid

Penetration Testing

Incident Response

Threat Detection

Vulnerability Management

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Proactive Cyber Threat Hunting

Cyber Forensics and Reporting

Edgewater’s Department of Energy Contractor Managed and Operated Facility Team Provides Solution to Meet COVID-19 Remote Work Demand

Due to the severity of COVID-19, Edgewater’s Department of Energy Contractor Managed and Operated Facility client was forced to mandate off-site remote work for the near 800 resources where most of the workforce worked primarily at the field office location and were not set-up to access systems remotely

Why Edgewater

Federal Expertise

Our success is based on deep institutional knowledge of federal entities. Working under a broad range of contract vehicles, we’ve successfully secured three-letter agencies again and again.

Innovative Approach

We stay on the leading edge of technology so that we can deliver top-of-the-line solutions that best meet client needs. We hold certifications in the latest versions of nearly all common federal technologies.

Industry-Leading Team

Our team is the best in the industry because we prioritize our people. The majority of our team members have advanced certifications in their specialties.

Let Us Connect You With a Team Member That Can Deliver a Solution That Meets Your Business Needs.